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Spa Services

Massage Therapy
One of the important services offered to patients at The Dental Spa is by our on-staff massage therapist. Therapeutic massage not only relaxes patients and reduces anxiety level, but also provides other important health benefits. It relaxes the nervous system and increases blood circulation and joint flexibility. The psychological benefits of massage can include an improved sense of well-being, reduced stress and anxiety, and increased body awareness – all important for overall health. This support therapy is offered to our patients on a complimentary basis.

Custom-blended essential oils designed to have calming properties are diffused in the treatment areas for relaxing benefits and oils with stimulating aromas are circulated in the recovery area to refresh the patients after dental treatment.

Achieving better dentistry
We realize that some patients can be very nervous or anxious before the dental procedure. When a person is scared, blood pressure rises and the body produces more adrenaline. This, in turn, affects the anesthetic as it goes through the patient’s system at a faster rate and is therefore less effective. Studies have shown that massage releases endorphins and lowers a patient’s blood pressure. Thus, patients will need less anesthetic for the same numbing effect.

Other amenities offered
An ambiance reminiscent of a fine upscale resort has been created at The Dental Spa. You can luxuriate yourself in a reception lounge with the soothing sounds of the falling waters of the ten-foot tall waterfall. The lounge is accented with comfortable furnishings and flowers. All guests are offered international herbal tea, mineral water, or juice. With a complete spectrum of rejuvenating spa treatments and relaxing comforts – warm neck raps, herbal neck therapies, natural eye masks, lavender-filled eye pillows, fresh hot towels, cozy blankets, head-phones to listen to a CD, a flat-screen monitors to escape into a movie – we welcome you to visit The Dental Spa. Our care team is committed to making your visit an exceptional and delightful experience by providing the highest quality state-of-the-art dental care with the comforts and luxuries of a spa.